Servo Based Reel to Sheet Cutting Machine

Servo Based Reel to Sheet Cutting Machine

New Reel to Sheet Cutting Machine with Servo based Length Feeding. Speed of cutting 50 meters per minute and accuracy 0.1 to 0.2 mm Available in various width. Length Changing in fraction of seconds with digital control panel. With conveyor for matrail stacking and delivery

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Oral Thin Film cassette Packing Machine

  1. Oral Thin Film Cutting And Cassette Packing Machine.
  2. Any Type of Thin Film Can Be Cut.
  3. Film Width 20mm to 25mm.
  4. Film Length 25mm to 40mm
  5. Cassette Placement Manually
  6. Cassette Closing Manually.
  7. Different cassette design can be used
  8. Total Safe SS Machine as per Standards.
  9. Once Film Loaded Machine cuts,counts and fills film.
  10. 600 Cassettes Per Hour Speed

Fully Automatic File Creasing & Hole Punching

  1. Automatic File Creasing & Hole Punching
  2. First Material is loaded in machine
  3. Auto feeds Boards for hole punching.
  4. Hole punching is done & boards goes ahead for Creasing
  5. Board for creasing feed automatically.
  6. Hole & creasing distance highly accurate.
  7. Speed: 1800 to 2000 files in 1 Hour
  8. PLC based machine for automatic operation
  9. Only one person is required for Machine

Automatic Feed Hot Melt Gluing Machine

  1. 24" Working Models
  2. Automatic Vacuum Feeding of Paper
  3. Hot Melt Gluing station
  4. Vacuum based conveyor.
  5. Basic Model for Auto Case Maker & Rigid Box.
  6. Hot Melt glue Tank.
  7. SS Gluing Station for Rust free performance .
  8. Option of Case board or Box Auto Placement .
  9. Cold Glue can also be used .
  10. SS Glue Rollers.

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